Hymns For Signing: American Sign Language
Curt D. Keller (Editor)

Hymns for Signing was developed to provide persons with hearing impairments access to hymns as they are sung. Many words and concepts in hymns do not exist in American Sign Language (ASL); signers must translate hymns used in worship into ASL prior to the service. This text-only edition is primarily for signers to use in worship and other church settings. It will aslo be helpful to those who have impaired hearing for use with their families or in other areas.

  • Contains more than 600 hymns translated into American Sign Language
  • Features and easy-to-use, easy-to-read format
  • Contains an excellent collection of traditional and gospel hymns
  • Allows persons with hearing impairments to participate in worship
  • Serves an important ministery function

Format: Paperback, 384pp.
ISBN: 0687431808
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Pub. Date: June 1995
Edition Desc: SPIRAL

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Hymns For Signing: American Sign Language

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